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Black Bird

Somos una plataforma cultural con servicio de bebidas y alimentos.
We are a cultural platform with food and beverage service.
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We are a full service establishment. We can offer you concerts, social and cultural events, Restaurant and Bar.


Veneu with Restaurant and Bar service & custom catering for you events.

Foro / Veneu

An open forum for different artists, music, cinema & more.


A perfect place for social events, concerts, dances and more.

where to celebrate your

Wedding / Boda

The perfect place for a special event, we have music service, food and drinks, decoration and more.

El espacio perfecto para tu boda, música, alimentos y bebidas, decoración y mucho más.

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where to celebrate your

Monday to Saturday
4:00 to 11:00 PM

Every day we have a live show! and movie night on Tuesdays!

Open hours
16 : 00
23 : 00
6 : 30
9 : 30
Cinema Nights

All included

Hamburger, potato wedges, drink and movie for only

$ 220 pesos.

Cinema listings

Dreem Team

Designes &

Mariana Malvido

Designes &
Teacher & singer

Penelope Anaya

Teacher & singer

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